About the Owner - Brandi Reed

Brandi Reed has been described as a jack of many trades, but she's found her home as the owner of Confection Swimwear Inc.  

A former swimwear model making waves in Miami, Fl, Brandi fell in love with sexy swimwear early on and always vowed to do swimwear "her way" someday.  Having modeled for many top brands and designers, Brandi surrounded herself with swimwear, becoming a collector of unique, and fun statement suits.

After working as a TV news journalist in Michigan and Miami, Brandi joined WWE as both a Diva and the announcer for WWE Superstars.  From this experience, Brandi decided that they sky was the limit and began chasing her dream of being a business owner.  

Brandi is thrilled but not surprised by the success of the swimwear line.  "When you provide women with a great product that makes them feel comfortable in their own skin, "says Brandi, "it's inevitable that they will be hooked! This is a product I'm proud to produce and stand behind." Brandi also credits her die hard fans from modeling and WWE for their incredible support of her brand.

Little known facts about Brandi Reed, aside from being a successful model and entertainer, she was a competitive figure skater for 17 years, another venture to which she credits her expertise in "all things stretchy."  Brandi is also a scholar graduate of the University of Michigan, and a former Masters student of the University of Miami's School of Broadcasting.  She still enjoys modeling, especially for her own swimwear lines.

"I'd like to thank my mom and dad for their continued support in all of my endeavors, no matter how eccentric and zany! I'd also like to thank you Cody for always believing in me, always having my back, and for making my dreams and my happiness a priority." - Brandi